Rope Wall News

Training Update: Fantastic Training in September. Next Training – spring or summer 2022. Go to the training page for more info or to sign up for notifications.

Mid August Update: Just increased the capacity of one Great Yoga Wall® at Center 4 Yoga! And the Training Manual has over 100 photos so far! Ready for training, are you? Thanks to Kedric Wolfe for his amazing engineering and design of the Great Yoga Wall®


Almost August News: New manual is evolving – about 30% done and already there are 50 photos! Can’t wait to share it in training!

More Great News: A brand new beautiful manual is being developed for the September training!

Training Covid Safeguards: Your instrucors ask that participants be vaccinated or wear a mask. The Center for Yoga has excellent specialized filtration, the room will be ventilated frequently during the day and our cleaning standards are high (e.g. ozonated water, exposure of props to UV lights)

News for July: There will be a Training on the Great Yoga Wall® in September at Center for Yoga, East Lansing. Click on the trainings page to learn more!

Summer News In-Studio Classes: Private and in-studio classes now available. Contact for private classes.

New Rope Wall Pages Coming Soon: I am developing a page on the history of the Great Yoga Wall® Trainings with Bryan Legere and why work on the rope wall with Peggy

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